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Claudia's journal
Lately it seems like a lot of my old animes and mangsa are resurfacing, with deluxe reprints or whatever.

This time it's the turn of Yattaman, an old anime of the 70s that I watched in reruns in the 90s.
In 2009 they made a live action movie which will finally come out here next week ^_^

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Yesterday I was searching for links to the american version of the Epic mickey graphic novel and found out that Disney UK and Disney Italy are selling comics in digital format through the DigiComics platform. This comics are available only for IPhone, IPad, iPod and PSP, sadly.

I looked at the Catalog and found...many of my favourite comics from my childhood *_*

If you have one of these consoles, it's worth a try. The first two comics are free!

What I recommend buying:
-all the Disney parodies (Little Women, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca...)
-the Arizona Goof adventures (he is Goofy's cousin and an Indiana Jones parody XD).
-UltraHeroes: never read it (it came out last year and I don't buy Mickey's magazine anymore) but from the reviews it's hilarious...a mega crossover of all the Disney silly super heroes (like Super Goofy)

What you should avoid like plague:
-Superduck, i.e. the reboot of PKNA to please the american audience, i.e. the best series of graphic novels Disney ever made transformed into badly written comics with cheap characterization

I hope they will sell Mickey's Mistery magazine too, it was cool ^__^
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And after many days, I finally saw Tangled too 8D

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I read on a Disney forums that there are rumors about a future Rapunzel animated season, like they did with Alladin and the Little Mermaid...that's what I thought too while seeing the movie, these two are so funny they could have many wacky adventures together like in Alladin XD
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This weekend I went to the Lucca Comic convention and returned with a bunch of new mangas...or should I say old mangas?
I found the reprints of both Sailor Moon and Versailles no Bara ^__^

Did you know Naoko Takeuchi has finally unfreezed her licenses? That means reprints of the manga, the anime on television again with dvd quality (at least in Europe ^^) new gadgets and a NEW VIDEOGAME for this Christmas (now I know what to buy for my friends!).
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A couple of days ago there was a comic convention just 20 min far from my home. Very small, but boy, had they good shows!

Emanuela Pacotto (Lina's dubber) was the host ^_^ and she assigned prizes through a quiz. I won the doll of Jessie from Toy Story 3 ^_^

During the show she mentioned all the characters she had done (Nami from One Piece, Bulma from Dragon Ball, Jessie from Pokemon and many others) minus Lina.  And when I thought she had forgotten..she performed the opening of Slayers Revolution XD

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I have already missed a day XD
I'm going to do two days at once, then:
Day 3: Favourite heroine
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This Disney Meme which has been circulating around is so funny!
I am way behind any of you so I think I will answer some of the questions in batch XD

Here is the first one:

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I'm happy to say everyone in the italian fandom has already submitted ^__^
I already checked these works and I only have a couple of doubts, so my work is almost finished.
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secondlina has suggested a meme about the 11 cartoon moments that scared you as a child. Here are mines (some are the same as you guys XD).

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